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New Spotify playlists are added every week, populated through various genres, moods and curators.

Manual Submissions

Browse Spotify playlists by genre, mood and follower count then manually email curators through your own mail client.

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Share your tracks, music stories and discuss new features/questions about delaynote.


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Custom email messages that can be reused to quickly send to curators.

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Import your entire discography in a few seconds and start submitting to Spotify playlists.

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Each song submitted to playlists will be logged to help you remember what's been submitted where.

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Do I get access to all playlists?

You sure do! You get access to the submission email, Spotify link and track player for free. Premium users can submit a custom email template directly via delaynote and track what you've submitted to.

My music isn't on Spotify

In an effort to ensure playlist submissions are of high quality for curators, we only allow your music to be imported via Spotify. You can always manually submit via your own mail client.

How many playlists are there?

We are finding new playlists each week that cover various genres. You can take a look at a small subset of playlists by genre here.

Am I guaranteed to be added?

Simply put, no. While we do our best to provide a high quality email submission with all the relevant links to make you stand out, at the end of the day, it’s up to the curator of the playlist to add you. Our tool simply makes it quicker to find playlists that are asking for submissions.

How do submissions work?

You can either manually send an email to the curator via a mail client, or through delaynote directly. Our template feature allow you to write custom reusable messages. Submissions sent through delaynote have a hard limit of 30 per day and once per day for each track submitted to the same playlist.

Can I customize the email?

Yes! We offer ability to create reusable email templates to personalise emails for playlist submissions. Use message tags to pre-populate a unique email per submission.

Playlist Curators

Are you a curator looking to submit your Spotify playlist? Chances are it's already been added, but let us know and we'll take a look!